Our Story

Kisa Kisa Fashion was launched  in 2016 while Kisa was working toward her degree in fashion merchandising at Houston Community College, where she graduated. She continues to mentor students by speaking to classes of  current students about her fashion journey. 

Bold, graphic lines.  Vibrant colors.  Striking patterns.  All contained within the circular canvas of a Kisa Kisa handbag design.  

When Kisa Williams  created her distinctive half-circle clutch bags, she was mainly following her creative instincts  . . .  but as her brand’s success grew, she came to realize a symbolic connection between her creations and the day-to-day challenges of living with sickle-cell anemia. The half-circle shape of the clutch handbags resemble the sickle-shaped blood cells of this disorder. But when they open to a full circle – they take the shape of a healthy blood cell!   In this way her designs reflect her other passion:  supporting research to find a cure for this disease. And some handbag designs carries a story of love and support, being  named for a loved one or a supportive friend or a guiding light in her life.