Our Story

Kisa Kisa hit the fashion scene back in 2016 and hasn't looked back.

Her handbags are not only bold, but have vibrant colors and striking patterns.  All contained within the circular canvas of a Kisa Kisa handbag design.  

When Kisa Williams  created her distinctive half-circle clutch bags, she was mainly following her creative instincts that she honed in while attending her local community college, studying Fashion Design then Fashion Merchandising.   

As her brand’s success grew, she came to realize a symbolic connection between her creations and the day-to-day challenges of living with sickle-cell anemia. The half-circle shape of the clutch handbags resemble the sickle-shaped blood cells of this disorder. But when they open to a full circle – they take the shape of a healthy blood cell!   In this way her designs reflect her other passion: bringing awareness to her disease.

Her handbags have been featured in Elle magazine, Maria Claire website as well as debuting her Fall 2020 collection during Paris Fashion Week.  Locally her wearable art was featured in Houston Chronicle, Houstonia Magazine which is Houston’s largest local Magazine and has also been featured on Great Day Houston a daytime talk show which is broadcast on KHOU-2. Internationally, Kisa Kisa was featured in BAHM Magazine, a Canadian online and printed magazine that supports exciting and innovative brands that are trend setters on the world’s artistic stage.

Her bags have been in multiple boutiques, and showrooms. Her designs have also been inquired by fashion photographers, stylists and clothing designers. Her pieces can be seen in Houston Community College Fashion Archive.

Kisa Kisa was named by Chloe Dao (second season winner of Project Runway) to be one of her favorite black owned fashion brands to support. Dao’s sister, Sydney also hand picked Kisa Kisa to be one of only 13 participants to showcase their work in a revolutionary, first of its kind  Pop Up Shop while  Houston hosted the Super Bowl in 2016.