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Kisa was born with sickle cell anemia, an inherited disorder of the red blood cells, which inspired the shape of the signature clutch which resembles her cells. When the clutch is open, it’s in the shape of a normal red blood cell, but once you close it, it’s in the shape of a half-moon or sickle shape. A portion of every clutch that is sold go to help other people and their families affected by this disease.

Kisa Kisa Fashion is really about accessories and how they can change an outfit. "Things in nature inspire my designs . People also inspire me, 90% of my bags are named after my family and friends or people who have inspired me in some way."

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  • "Thank you for helping me pick out the perfect clutch for my wife's birthday gift".


  • "Handmade means love and the attention to detail is SUPREME"


  • "I just love products that have a meaning behind it."


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